Annual Flowers

Annual flowers are a great way of ensuring that your garden has a fresh and new look throughout the year. Annuals bloom fast and stay in full-bloom for the rest of their growing season.

But What Are Annual Flowers?

These are plants or flowers that live for only one growing season before they can produce fruit and die. Basically, these flowers will live and die within the same year.

You can use this to your advantage and try out different flowers to see what best works for your garden. It is also a good way of ensuring that you keep a variety in your garden each growing season.

The most significant advantage of annuals is that they grow fast and bloom for a long time. You can expect to see flowers in your garden throughout the growing season.

Annual flowers differ much from the perennial and biennial flowers, and you will be able to note the difference as you continue reading this article.

What Are Some Annual Flowers That You Can Plant in Your Garden?

There are over 20 types of annual flowers that you can use for landscaping. With the four different seasons, different flowers will adapt and thrive to a particular season rather than in another. Knowing what flower thrives best in which season is, therefore an essential factor when you decide to have annual plants in your garden.


>Primrose are annual plants famous for their bright flowers and of different shades and colours. They are best suited for cottage gardens as they thrive in almost all conditions. These plants come in 17 varieties, but the English Primrose is the most popular of them all. It is a winter flower with a short lifespan.


Celosia is best suited for the autumn season. Its petals hold on firmly to the stalk, making it an excellent choice for bouquets. The flower comes in shades of yellow, pink, orange, and red. It is a popular flower for its ease of growth and can grow anywhere in sunlight.


Vinca, also referred to as Madagascar periwinkle is an annual summer flower famous for its continued bloom throughout the year. This flower is ideal for flowerbeds, borders, containers, and rock gardens. These are drought resistant plants and can thrive in any soil as long as it drains fast.


Marigold is another annual summer flower that is famous for its ease of maintenance and the ability to flower all season. They have bright colours that make them a popular choice for salad garnishes and bouquets. They are available in yellow, red, and orange colour shades.


Snapdragons are ideal for spring and will bloom throughout the season in intense colours. They start blooming from the stalk and move up making for an extended period of bloom. They are an ideal option for a bouquet.

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