Three Ways to Add Flower Wallpaper Backgrounds to an iPhone

Flowers bloom in summer in the same way wallpaper backgrounds for the iPhone pop up from many sources. Adding a floral wallpaper background to a refurbished iPhone is a simple process. During the summertime, iPhone owners seek out the blossoming beauties to enhance the phone’s appearance. Here are two ways that iPhone owners may add flowers to an iPhone screen.


It is easy to display a variety of beautiful flowers on a refurbished iPhone. To save the image to the iPhone, tap the picture, right-click it, and airdrop or download the image to the phone. From cute bouquets to fields of flowers, picture-perfect flower photographs are available at free online photo sites, such as Pexels.

With a plethora of beautiful, flowery backgrounds available, refurbished iPhone users may access a nearly unlimited number of pictures featuring roses, daisies, peonies, and lavenders. By gathering flower pictures available online, it’s easy to save awe-inspiring flower wallpaper.


Apple offers an effortless way to add flowers to the iPhone screen. Simply open the phone’s Settings and tap Wallpaper to choose a background to add to the phone. Select an image from the available photos, Stills, Dynamic, or Live. Every iOS update brings new wallpaper choices for the iPhone user to choose from. Move the image by dragging it or pinching it to fit the screen. After adjusting the selected image, set it in place by tapping Set. iPhone users also enjoy options to add the wallpaper to the Lock Screen, Home Screen, or both.


Original digital art offers another avenue for accessing beautiful flowers for an iPhone’s screen. Include art in everyday life by perusing free online flower art, which a phone’s owner may use for digital wallpaper. By following the same process for photos, an iPhone user may download and add beautiful flower art to the iPhone screen as wallpaper.

Adding flowers to the iPhone screen is a straightforward process. The most challenging part is choosing between the unlimited sources of beautiful flowers available online. Whether choosing free flower photographs, flower art, or flowers included within the phone’s settings, an iPhone user has a wealth of flower choices for wallpaper.

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