Best Flower Destinations in the World

It is undoubtedly not easy to tell when a particular flower will bloom. Still, we can be sure that it will eventually happen. Multiple flower types cover our planet earth from tulips, to orchids, and roses just to name a few.

The fragrance and appearance of flowers are enough to carry you away into a world of imagination. Below are some top flower destinations across the globe.


There is actually no other place that you would want to be in the late spring than in the shadow of the Sikkim foothills in India. Here, your senses will be treated to fragrances of orchids, lilac jacarandas, and rhododendron. You can have an excellent excursion experience through the village of Shakti Sikkim with the help of a local tour guide who takes visitors through tracks of the flower-lined foothills. The flowering seasons are between early October all the way towards the end of April.


Each year, Japan hosts millions of visitors who come to witness the cherry blossom season. The first stop would be Kumamoto in the south, where the blooms first appear. Further north in Tokyo, there is Ueno Park with over 8000 cherry trees. If you think that this is the peak, then wait until you reach the Yoshino Mountain whose slope is covered with over 30000 flowering cherry trees.


Rome is filled with spectacular ancient gardens. Visit the Villa Lante and have a view of its Renaissance garden. The Garden of Ninfa’s crumbling walls offer a microclimate that is ideal for the growth of beautiful plants such as roses, hazelnut trees, and Himalayan pine trees, among others.

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