Medicinal Flower Uses

For centuries, people have turned to flowers to harness their medical potency. Different flowers have been used for different ailments, and most have been shown to work. Below are some flowers used for their medicinal benefits.


Angelica flowers are candied and used in baking to decorate cakes. However, there is much more to these flowers than cake decoration. The flower is quite fragrant and can be used as a medicine for coughs and colds as well as digestive problems. It can also actually be used as a supplement for children and elderly people.


Rose is a beautiful flower and a favourite for many people. This flower can be used as a treatment for cancer, stomach pain, and diarrhoea. Rose hips are actually a source of vitamin C and used in jellies, jams, and brewing tea.


The seeds of the lotus are ground to make a paste that is used in baking and pudding recipes. Chinese medicine includes this paste in their formulas to help manage diarrhoea. This flower is also great for lowering blood sugar levels, regulating the menstrual cycle, treating acne, reducing cholesterol levels, and relieving pain.

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